Mr Murray Physics

September 15, 2015 • 

When I set up this website, I had at the top of my mind what my USP is. That is, what can I offer on this site that no one else is doing. I’ve put many hours into producing past paper solutions, and I believe these are a highly valuable resource to Scottish students sitting SQA Physics exams.

Turns out, there are plenty of other teachers producing excellent content to support Physics students. I discovered the Mr Murray Physics Youtube channel recently and it’s great. I highly recommend a look.


On the topic of other sites for Physics students and teachers to use, is a great site produced by Nick Hood from Moray House, and contains a vast number of other useful links.

Most of my older classes seem to rave about It’s a great site for accessing past paper solutions and there is plenty of other resources that help students.

Let’s face it, the Physics teaching community in Scotland is vibrant.