Month: July 2015


July 31, 2015 • ∞ Amazing what you learn by googling. I was having trouble with some of the text hyphenating on small screens, I think due to the responsive design of the WordPress theme. Thankfully I found a solution. Simply adding p { -moz-hyphens: none; -ms-hyphens: none; -webkit-hyphens: none; hyphens: none; } to the CSS Read More …

Site development update

July 31, 2015 • ∞ So things are going well development wise, despite many late nights. My hope is to get the finishing touches done to the Exam support pages and then start uploading solution videos to Youtube to link to from this site. I’ve made a brief start on making videos, but it’s very time consuming. Read More …

First post

July 25, 2015 • ∞ Once I’ve got this site up and running properly, I hope to start blogging thoughts on Physics and posting things I find interesting. It could be fairly irregular, but time will tell.